Pantries United

Pantries United is a local food program that is administered by Information, Referral & Assistance Services.

Three emergency food sites located at:

  • Associate Benevolent Society
    100 South 2nd Street
  • Salvation Army
    219 1st Avenue
  • Community Action
    240 North Bluff Blvd Suite 203

Pantries United was established in September, 1982, and is administered by Information, Referral & Assistance Services.

Pantries United pantries provide non-perishable food items to more than 6,500 individuals each year.

Pantries United is supported by private donations from area churches, service organizations, and individuals. Cash donations are distributed quarterly through Information, Referral & Assistance Services to each pantry site.

The U.S. Postal Workers and Prairie Communications annual freezing for food drive also provide food to stock pantry shelves.

Cash donations are used to purchase food at a rate of $.17 a pound from River Bend Food Bank in Davenport. One dollar buys more that seven pounds of food.

Other programs under Pantries United are:

  • The Back Pack Buddy Program; serving approximately 200 hungry children with weekend food packages throughout the school year.
  • Mobile Food Pantries; This mobile food pantry, held quarterly served 1618 individuals with 44,202 pounds of food providing 36,834 meals to low-income families and individuals in need.

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